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The Artist: Charles Savioe


Charlessavoie2Charles Savoie is a master glassblower who owes his expertise to an extensive art education. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in studio art from Southern Connecticut State University in 1984. In the early 1990's he received two Master of Fine Arts degrees; one in studio glass from Illinois State University and the other in sculpture from the University of Illinois.  He has also completed advanced studies in glass at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State.  During these years of training Charles has had the opportunity to assist and study with some of the world's finest glass artists including Dick Marquis, Dale Chihuly, William Morris, Lino Tagliapietra, William Carlson, Jose Chardiet and Francis Whitehead. Perhaps most influential was his study of Italian style blowing techniques with William Gudenwrath.


Charles is nationally recognized for his Italian style series of Zanfirico€ goblets.  Zanfirico refers to a type of latticino cane made of colored glass rods that are twisted together to create complex patterns. His goblets are a technical marvel not only in their perfect form, which borders on the non-functional as some pieces are as tall as fifteen inches,  but also because of his expertise in glass chemistry. Charles makes all his own glasses from scratch, combining sand and metallic oxides; sometimes using 17th century Venetian and Bohemian formulas which he modifies. Because of this unusual commitment to the science of glass, he has formulated a material with special working qualities and a unique color palette that has been essential in creating his signature style.


Charles lives and works in Ripon, WI. He is a devoted father and enjoys spending time with his friends and family. When not working or traveling, he can be found on his boat, tending to his many orchids, working on his house or tossing a frisbee to his dog.






Company Information


"When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

Leonardo da Vinci

Phone: 920-748-6536

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